Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crackdust -- Dented Reality

Yet another in a long line of old school death metal bands from Botswana in southern Africa.

Oh wait.

So I really expected this to suck, but it's actually decent. There's nothing new here (unless you count the fact that they're African), but it's well-executed DM. I guess there must be a bit of a DM scene in Gaborone, which is a city in southeastern Botswana, as I found 2 other DM bands from there -- Wrust and War-Tog. There could be others, too...what the fuck do I know about Gaborone and its music scene. This band gets bonus points because the lead singer looks like Lt. Daniels from The Wire (and therefore my cousin Ivar, too). Thanks go to Adrian for this one.

192 kbps

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