Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dreams of the Drowned -- Thanatotropic Principle

I've figured out what I don't like about most black metal -- there's little to no rock. The buzzing guitars and tortured screams are dramatic and moody, but then so is Nine Inch Nails' music. I need some rock in my metal, but for the most part these silly BM dudes are content merely with being a slight evolution from the goth-rock histrionics that I've hated since high school.

Dreams of the Drowned, on the other hand, know how to kick ass. Yeah, they're steeped in black metal, but they're talented enough to play more than just washed-out sheets of sound that go nowhere. They also get props for making their music freely available -- I'm just re-posting the link of their first full-length album. They're French, by the way.

320 kbps


wild said...

Camille's a genius, and just a real nice guy. Smohalla is his other band. sacrebleu!

Anonymous said...

I like your posts dude, but you can't say BM doesn't have rock in it. There are a shitload of BM bands with rock riffs, I'm a bit too busy to list a few.

melonfarmer said...

well, i'm always open to new stuff, even BM, but it almost always feels like it's missing something to me. i guess i'm more into rhythmic complexity than atmospheric soundscapes or whatever those guys do.

but by all means educate me.

Anonymous said...

well I guess it depends on what sort of BM you go for. I don't really know how deep your knowledge of BM goes.
Um, more on the brutal side, Leviathan has some pretty rocky riffs.
Stuff by Ukranian act Drudkh has some pretty rocky rythms
and Deathspell Omega - has some really complex rythms, almost mathy in their song structures. But then again, they all are subsumed under the soundscapes a bit. I don't know. Man, I think there is quite a lot of rock in BM. Especially if you get into the thrashier sort of bands as well. I know its not very underground, but Villians (a ryan lypinski side project) are all about the rock riffs, and the new Aura Noir (who have ex members of Ved Buens Ende) get really fucking rythmic!
like I said, I'm a little busy with studying at the moment to compile a list, these are just some names from off the top of my head. I just there is something in there amongst it for you!
cheers, Jake