Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DeSalvo post deleted

A representative from Rock Action Records requested that I remove the DeSalvo link, so I complied. If there are any other artists or labels out there whose music I've posted and who want the links taken down, just let me know and it will come down right away. I'm trying to help bands get exposure, but if they feel that it's hurting more than it's helping, I respect that. I may disagree, but that's another story.



Steve Hughes said...

I love Stretchheads, but ashamedly, I'd never even heard of these guys 'til I stumbled upon your blog; I get why the label might be fearful of file sharing, but I'll definitely be buying this for those same reasons.

melonfarmer said...

yeah, i get what they're thinking, but i just don't believe that it matters. the vast majority of people who downloaded the desalvo album had never even heard of the band before, so if even one of those people buys it as a result of this blog, then they win.

i still buy music, and i'm sure that some/many/most of the people who download from this site and others like it still buy music as well. album blogs are like listening booths for many people.

for the most part, i think independent labels are about to become extinct, but that's OK. the internet, file sharing, album blogs such as this one, etc. can easily fill that gap. perhaps do a better job. if i walked into my local record store (something that i haven't done in a while) i'm guessing that the desalvo album would not be there. much of the romanticizing of indie labels and record shopping is pure nostalgia anyway. i think we can all agree that immediate availability of music from anywhere on the globe is a good thing. and i reject the idea that somehow these artists will stop making music, or stop being able to make music, if it's freely available. if desalvo wants to get rich making music, they need to switch styles. at which point i would no longer have any interest in them anyway.

that was longer than i had planned initially, but i'm curious to know what others think, so let's hear some comments.

melonfarmer said...

p.s. -- i had never heard stretchheads either until a day or so before i posted them.

p6 said...

Thanks for the co-operation and interest fellas. I have no issue with filesharing vinyl and rarities but the Desalvo record has only been out for a few months and it took 5 years to perfect. Please respect our(the band's) request.

I am currently negotiating re-mastering of all Stretchheads material and you may be interested that a new book on late 80's UK art/noise/punk bands in September 'Death To Trad Rock' will have a short retro, an interview and a possible track on a CD compilation.

p6 - Stretchheads/Desalvo

melonfarmer said...

no problem. i starting doing this blog in part to support artists that may not be as well known, but if any of them prefers not to have their stuff, i'll take it down immediately.

keep up the good work in desalvo, and i hope you guys tour the states some day.