Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bratty & Jackass -- Bratty & Jackass

OK, I can pretty well guarantee that you've never heard this one. This is a CD-R the band made before splitting up some years ago. The appeal here is mostly the axework from the lead guitarist -- I can hear some Greg Ginn, some Sonny Sharrock, a little Nels Cline, maybe even a dash of Fred Frith. And, if you listen really closely, you may even hear him cashing my rent checks. Yup, that's my landlord, although at the time that this was recorded my money was just a twinkle in his filthy slumlord pocketbook (Hi, Drew.)

Anyway, if you've enjoyed any of the instrumental/jazzy/punky stuff I've posted (Coptic Light, Massacre, Warhammer 48k, Deep Turtle, The Wayward, etc.) you'll probably like this, too. I don't have an actual cover image, so that will have to do.

VBR @ 256+ kbps


Toxik Boys said...

amazing blog

dabus said...

hey what happened to the chumpy who runs this here blog?

Anonymous said...

this looks promising,
i'll check it out.
btw. very cool blog, just dicovered it now and i really enjoy browsing through and grabbing the occasional album.

soundweave said...

start posting again! btw I posted an album for you in the metal uploads thread that quickly got buried

melonfarmer said...

i'll be back shortly, i promise. life intervened, etc.

moar poasting tiem nao.